Luk 13:06-09 | One More Year

Luke 13:6-9

I. God has a Right to Expect Fruit From Us.     1. Because we are His personal property     2. Because of our privileged position. “planted in a vineyard.” There were plenty fig trees growing wild, but this one was planted in a vineyard, to receive special care and nourishment.     3. Because of our primary purpose. A fig tree was created to bear figs. Apart from that it is useless and worthless.

II. God has a Right to Examine us for Fruit. He came seeking fruit, scrutinizing every tree. Since it is His vineyard and His trees, He will examine our fruitfulness.

III. God has a Right to Expel us for Fruitlessness. “Cut it down!” Just taking up valuable space. I’m convinced that more believers than we know have been set aside from great service and others planted in their place.     1. Uselessness invites disaster. Use it or lose it.     2. Promotes uselessness. It takes up space. If it were occupied by another it, there would be fruit.

IV. God has a Right to Extend Mercy. Wait one more year. To make it fruitful:     1. Dig around it. “Break up your fallow ground” is the O.T. expression.  A broken and contrite heart. Repentance.     2. Fertilize it. Feed it, nourish it, with prayer and the Word of God. A proper diet for the spirit.


©Ron Dunn, LifeStyle Ministries, 2001

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