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Navigation Explanation:

Home page- Click on the photo banners to get to the pages you’d like to visit quickly.

Reference Tags- Click on the Bible book reference tag to the right of the screen (blue text). You will be connected to a list of all devotions, sermons and Ron’s Bible pages for that specific book.

Photos page- Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. A photo carousel will appear. Click the right/left arrows to advance to next photo or see previous. To exit carousel, click “x” on the top left of carousel screen. You should automatically return to the Photos page.

Pages of Ron’s Bible- Click on your choice of Bible book. Click on the Bible thumbnails to enlarge photo. Click on the “view full size” on the bottom right. This will open a new tab. Cancel that tab to go back to the carousel. Navigate to other Bible pages (of the same book) using the right and left arrows on the carousel. To exit carousel, click “x” on the top left of carousel screen.

To navigate to different posts on Devotions, Sermons, Sermon Outlines, Bible Pages, Glimpses of Revival, etc.- Click on a post. When you’re ready to read the next post, click on “Next Post” on the black title bar above the article.

Search for products in the Shop- To search for products in the Ron Dunn shop, enter your item name or subject in the black search bar. Click the magnifying box. You should see a list of products and pages that match the term you searched. (For example: Search “1 John” in the shop search bar and you will see all items relating to 1 John.)


Please contact Debbie Toole with any questions.

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