STUDY OUTLINE OF EXODUS KEY WORD Redemption MEANING OF EXODUS “Way out” or “Outgoing” OUTSTANDING CHARACTER Moses OUTSTANDING EVENTS Training of Moses, ten plagues, institution of the Passover, the Exodus, giving of the Law, prescription of a ritual, appointment of a priesthood, construction of the Tabernacle The connection between Genesis and Exodus is intimate: Genesis   Read More …

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Text: Exodus 15 By Ron Dunn Open your Bibles to the Old Testament, to the book of Exodus, chapter 15, and I want to begin reading with verse 22 and read through the end of the chapter, verse 27. You know the context. They have just had a marvelous deliverance from Egypt, and they have   Read More …

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Text:  Exodus 3 and 4 Open your Bibles this morning to the Old Testament, the book of Exodus, chapter 3.  We are going to begin by reading the first six verses from Exodus 3, and we will be reading some verses out of chapter 4.  This is a very familiar story to most of us.    Read More …

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Exodus 15:22-27 Intro: Each year 1,000 SBC ministers leave the ministry. One major cause is discouragement. It is an OCCUPATIONAL HAZARD. Discouragement is one of the most effective weapons Satan has forged against believers. Some leave the ministry; others, the ministry leaves them. Cause: Things don’t work out as we expect, as we think they   Read More …

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