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James 1:1-8; 16,17 I. HE IS A GIVING GOD. “That gives to all men….”     1. He gives to all men generally. 2. He gives to all men generously     3. He gives to all men graciously. II. HE IS AN INVOLVED GOD. “If any lack wisdom.” “fall into trials.”  He is a God who   Read More …

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Ron Dunn devo. 6

James 1:1-8;16,17 Augustine said, “Grant me, Lord, to know and understand which is first, to call on Thee or to praise Thee?? and again, to know Thee or to call on Thee?  For who can call on Thee, not knowing Thee?  For he that knoweth Thee not may call on Thee as other than Thou   Read More …

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