Michael Catt

It has taken me this long to write because I still can’t believe that Ron is no longer with us on this earth. No one ever loved me unconditionally like Ron did. Our girls always hoped, and believed that Ron would be the one to do their wedding.

Over the last 14 years, it has been our privilege to host Ron for an annual Bible Conference. Each year our people turned out by the hundreds to hear one of the greatest expositors that ever graced this earth. Our church loved Ron. We loved sharing him with our membership. It was always a highlight of our year to have Ron and Kaye with us – often times when they were hurting beyond words, but they minister life to all of us through the Word.

We will always value and treasure those times of fellowship around the table and the times we were able to have them in our home. I’ll miss Ron and his IBC root beer, angel food cake, deep sigh, and that pregnant pause when he was preaching and you knew you were about to ‘get it.’

No one fed us spiritually like Ron did. We feasted at a banquet table when Ron broke the bread of life.

It was an honor at the funeral service to honor a man who brought so much honor to our Lord. I will always count it a privilege and one of the great blessings of God on my life to have known Ron Dunn. To have called him a hero, a friend, a mentor, counselor and adviser.

It is our prayer and desire that preachers and laymen will continue to carry the torch and keep the legacy of this great man alive. Though dead, he still has much to say to all of us.

Borrowed from Legacy.com