Jean Doverspike

In the 1970’s I attended a Revival at First Baptist church in Hobbs, NEW MEXICO and bought a set of tapes of Bro. Ron Dunns on Prayer a set that included 14 tapes. I put them on a reel to reel and listened to them night and day for years. These were the most anointed sermons I have ever heard and now I am 83 and the knowledge of these in my heart I have charts and Wisdom of the Spirit and Revelations that has shown me many things..We have a 3 Fold Redemption on the Cross..Heart, Body and Soul. The heart is in the Garden..the body in the Earthly Court and the Soul offered for sin all three the product of the 3 Fold Redemption..Example..The Tabernacle..The 3 fold nature of man and the 3fold ..the Garden..the suffering.. and cross. When Adam sinned he lost his heart, his body, his Soul to Satan needing the 3 fold Redeeming.
Jesus was Born Again in the Garden when He chose the Cross and not the 10,000 Angels setting us Free from the Laws of Sin and Death. The 3 cups of the Garden was of Judgment of The Lamb of God.. God Judged Him “Worthy.” Worthy is the Lamb to open the Books…In the old testament God said: I looked for a man to stand in the hedge to stand in the gap and I Found None..until the Garden the physical judgment and the Cross..Satan demanded a ransom..Physical death and Spiritual death of Gods Lamb…He paid the full ransom..Heart, Body, and Soul the 3 Fold Redemption. of God’s Beloved Son the Lamb of God.


Bill Goodwin

I was first introduced to Ron Dunn’s ministry when I was a young Pastor and a friend gave me some cassette tapes from Ron’s ministry; I was greatly blessed. I took advantage of the opportunity to support his ministry and subscribed to his tape ministry. A few years later I got to attend several revival services where he was preaching. I only got to meet and fellowship with him a few times, but I treasure those times and memories. I owe much of my own preaching style to Bro. Ron; his treatment of the Word had a great impact on me. In the words of Paul, “I thank God upon every remembrance of” him.


Rich Poll

The Lord rescued me around Christmas in 1974 using Campus Crusade. Ron’s preaching came my way via cassette tapes that were being passed around. Never enjoyed anybody’s preaching as much since.

Been too distracted to return to Ron’s messages much until now. Just had an itch that only Ron’s preaching could touch. I’m thankful for this web site. I enjoyed his biography page a lot and plan to start drinking in all the recordings of him that I can.

Thank you for making his work available.


Leslie Montgomery

To my dismay I never met Pastor Dunn. I saw his book, Faith Crisis, at a grocery store among a mere handful of other books and felt the Lord prompting me to purchase it. I am so glad I did! I am the author of several books, and like Pastor Dunn I am a research nut when it comes to seeing what the real meaning and expressions of words in the Bible. I too have done an in-depth study on faith over the last 23 years and can’t get enough. I was so blessed by this book. To me, he wrote a lot like Andrew Murray. God gave both revelations of the Word of God and were faithful to share it. I intend to purchase all of his books and read through every piece of everything he’s written to glean his knowledge. God is so faithful. I’ve been praying for his wife and children. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what you’ve endured. Keep your eyes on the Prize and your feet on the Rock and you will not falter. Leslie


David Rice

Sixteen years ago this summer I was a youth minister in Colorado Springs attending the MEF Bible Conference. I’d heard Ron Dunn speak the previous two summers, but this time was different. I was receiving my own pastoral call to a small church in East Texas. My pastor at the time was Jay Badry, his dad Jimell had served on staff with Ron at MBBC, so I had the opportunity to share a few meals with Ron previous to the summer of 1998. This time Jay arranged a sit down meeting in my office for myself and Ron, I was never the same. In those few hours Ron and I laughed, cried, and prayed. He did most of the talking, I did a lot of listening. I will never forget and will forever be grateful for his winsome, insight, encouragement, and affirmation that afternoon. Ron was scheduled to come speak for us the spring of 2001, but his illness prevented him from coming. A few months later I sat in his memorial service and treasured the memory of that afternoon in Colorado Springs when a wise and seasoned pastor gave an afternoon to encourage an eager young pastor.