David Rice

Sixteen years ago this summer I was a youth minister in Colorado Springs attending the MEF Bible Conference. I’d heard Ron Dunn speak the previous two summers, but this time was different. I was receiving my own pastoral call to a small church in East Texas. My pastor at the time was Jay Badry, his dad Jimell had served on staff with Ron at MBBC, so I had the opportunity to share a few meals with Ron previous to the summer of 1998. This time Jay arranged a sit down meeting in my office for myself and Ron, I was never the same. In those few hours Ron and I laughed, cried, and prayed. He did most of the talking, I did a lot of listening. I will never forget and will forever be grateful for his winsome, insight, encouragement, and affirmation that afternoon. Ron was scheduled to come speak for us the spring of 2001, but his illness prevented him from coming. A few months later I sat in his memorial service and treasured the memory of that afternoon in Colorado Springs when a wise and seasoned pastor gave an afternoon to encourage an eager young pastor.