Act 02 | The Holy Spirit and the Christian

Acts 2

I. The Holy Spirit is the Abiding Possession of the Christian. Vs. 38, “you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

II. The Holy Spirit is the Activating Principle of the Christian.  His coming changed the disciples and sent them into the world to witness of Christ.

III. The Holy Spirit is the Authenticating Presence of the Christian.

In verses 32 and 33, Peter makes it clear that the outpouring of the Spirit was infallible proof that Jesus had been exalted and that their message was true.  It is the manifestation of the Spirit in our lives that authenticates our message.

IV. The Holy Spirit is the Attracting Power of the Christian.

Estimates of how many people had gathered  at Jerusalem on that day range from one million to three million.   Imagine—out of that vast, seething ocean of people, a small band of 120 nobodies got all the attention.

V.  The Holy Spirit is to be the Acknowledged Person in the life of the Christian.  “This is that.”


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