The Greatest First Day Of Revival I’ve Ever Witnessed

Pastor’s Article of Church Newsletter, Feb. 26, 1971


That’s my assessment of last Sunday’s services. It’s impossible to express in paper and ink what it’s like to see the Glory of the Lord unveiled–you have to see it. All I can think to say is, PRAISE THE LORD.

This revival actually started last April, but you know that don’t you? God has been preparing us for this for ten months. Only God could give the kind of revival we’re having; you don’t plan or organize these kinds. Only God can get the glory for this.

Don’t let anything keep you from the last services. This may be a once in a lifetime experience.

And thanks to our tremendous revival choir–over 100 strong in both Sunday Services.

A lady came up to me after last Sunday Morning’s service and said, “I finally saw this morning what you’ve been trying to tell us for the past 10 months–that I need to stop trying and start trusting.” Amen. THAT’S REVIVAL WITH A CAPITAL “‘R”!

WHAT’S THIS REVIVAL WORTH? That’s an unanswerable question, I know, but try. To put a price tag on the lives that have been transformed, the inexpressible joy of being in the presence of Jesus, of seeing prayers answered before your eyes–there’s just no way. But try. This week we’ll be receiving a LOVE OFFERING for our Evangelist and all I can say is GIVE IN PROPORTION TO HOW THE LORD HAS BLESSED YOU THIS WEEK. That will be enough!

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