Jer 29:10-14 | Seeking The Lord

Jeremiah 29:10-14

The purpose of God is not achieved in our lives until we find our everything in Him. To seek and find the Lord is to find in Him our joy, delight, fulfillment and success.

I. WE ARE TO SEEK THE LORD EXCLUSIVELY. Vs. 13 – “You shall seek ME.”  They were in captivity but they were not told to seek their freedom, or better conditions.           1. Seek for nothing more: Col. 2:9,10           2. Settle for nothing less.

II. WE ARE TO SEEK THE LORD EARNESTLY. Vs. 13 “With all your heart.”  An O.T. phrase meaning “to obey all His Word.” Heb. 11:6           1. Because we are desperate: captivity           2. Because we are determined. “With all your heart.”

III. WE ARE TO SEEK THE LORD EXPECTANTLY. Vs. 14. “And I will be found of you.” Heb.11:6           1. God will Reveal Himself. Vs 14           2. God will Release us from Captivity. Vs 14           3. God will Restore Lost Possessions. Vs. 14


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