God Gave Us Real Revival In Aurora, Colorado

From the very first day I felt God was going to do a deeper work than ever before. Every evening service was packed out, with extra chairs in the aisle and people sitting in the foyer. In the morning services (where most of the women work, etc., you know, all those reasons “we can’t have morning services”) we averaged about two hundred. Friday morning we had 250 and Saturday morning over 300.

On Saturday night (you know, the night no one will come) the building overflowed and so did the Holy Spirit. It was one of the greatest outpourings of God’s Spirit I’ve ever witnessed. But the best was yet to come!

Saturday night I’d preached on “The Spirit-Filled Life.” Sunday night I followed with “The Spirit-Filled Home” and the fire fell on that service in a way I’ve rarely seen. Even before the invitation was given people were jamming the aisles. What a sight to see husbands leaving the choir and going to find their wives in the congregation, married couples kneeling at the altar and experiencing for the first time spiritual victory in the home, people being saved, Christians repenting. It was an evening of DIVINE DISORDER AND HOLY HILARITY!

Monday morning I preached to the Denver Pastor’s Conference on “The Filling of the Spirit,” and the power of God was again indisputably present.

I FELT YOUR PRAYERS AS NEVER BEFORE. The special prayer groups that met every night, the Wednesday night prayer service, the 24 hour chain of Intercessory Prayer at the church–all of this reached the throne of God and He answered!

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW…and flow and flow and flow.


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