Jer 17:09-10 | Outline

Jeremiah 17:9, 10

I. The Heart Is Deceitful in its Conduct      (1) As to the nature of spiritual things      (2) As to the tendency of evil things      (3) As to the truth of itself

II. The Heart is Diseased in Its Character      (1) Utterly wicked—total depravity      (2) Universally wicked      (3) Unsearchably wicked      (4) Incurably Wicked

III. The Heart Is Diagnosed By its Creator, vs.10      (1) The mind (Hebrew, mind)      (2) The reins (Hebrew, kidneys, emotions)      (3) The reward—to give to every man according to his ways.

©Ron Dunn, LifeStyle Ministries, 2001

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