Time Changes

By Ron Dunn

(This article was published in the MacArthur Blvd. Baptist Church newsletter, April 28, 1972.)

That’s what happened to MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church two years ago. This Sunday is the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of RE VI VAL in our church. On the last Sunday in April 1970, God moved into our midst with a power that can only be described as EARTHQUAKE POWER, a power that transformed the countenance and composure of MBBC.

SHAKEN WITH AN OVERWHELMING AWARENESS OF GOD’S PRESENCE.  Without a doubt the greatest thing that’s happened is this:  JESUS HAS BECOME REAL.  God is no longer something we pray AT, but a FATHER we pray TO.  The actuality of the INDWELLING SPIRIT has become a REALITY.  MILKSHAKE RELIGION has become an EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCE.

SHAKEN WITH UNBROKEN UNITY AND HARMONY.  “One heart and one soul.”  The fiery heart of the Holy Spirit melted differences and welded hearts together in a loving fellowship that grows sweeter each time we meet to worship.

SHAKEN WITH SUPERNATURAL POWER FOR LIVING AND WITNESSING.  God has consistently done “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”  We’ve seen things happen that two years ago we would have never believed.  People who never witnessed before (never had the course!) found themselves gossiping about Jesus wherever they went.  Sinful habits and attitudes have been conquered through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We’ve come to know that IF IT ISN’T SUPERNATURAL, IT’S SUPERFICIAL.

SHAKEN WITH OVERFLOWING LIBERALITY.  Until Revival came, our church had never met a budget in it’s history!  Then the Holy Spirit revealed a FIXED LAW OF HEAVEN!  WHEN A MAN’S LORDSHIP IS RIGHT HIS STEWARDSHIP WILL BE RIGHT!  The issue isn’t “Will you tithe?” but “Is Jesus Lord?”.  With no budget drives or pledge campaigns of any sort we have met our budget and finished the year with no unpaid bills–and have tripled our giving to WORLD MISSIONS.

SHAKEN WITH A KNOWLEDGE THAT IT IS GOD’S DOING.  What has happened in the past two years, the increased growth in every single area of church life, is not, I repeat, is not, the result of hard work, clever programs, keen administration, intelligent leadership, etc.  It is the result of God’s Spirit breathing new life into these old bones.  And nobody knows this better than this pastor.  God forbid that we should ever glory in any of these things.

“To God be the glory, great things HE hath done.”


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