The Time For Revival Is Now

Our revival begins this Sunday. We will settle for nothing else than REAL REVIVAL. We need nothing more. There’s not a problem in your life or home that genuine revival wouldn’t solve. REVIVAL IS A WORK OF GOD IN HIS PEOPLE THAT OVERFLOWS TO THE WORLD. Revival is God working IN His people that He might work THROUGH them. Revival is GOD WORKING IN, Evangelism is GOD WORKING OUT WHAT HE WORKED IN.

When G. Campbell Morgan and F. B. Meyer went to Wales to observe the great Welsh Revival, they asked a policeman, “Where’s the revival?” The policeman, smiling, said, “IN MY HEART!”


170 couples experienced REVIVAL IN THE HOME at the COLORADO COUPLES RETREAT last weekend. I’ve rarely seen anything like what happened as the Spirit of God moved in and took over. The final service lasted so long I missed my plane! Praise the Lord. When the service finally closed, Harold McGlamery, the Secretary of Evangelism for Colorado, could hardly speak. When he finally was able to talk, he said, “I’ll never be the same again.” I think none of us who met God in that place will ever be the same. Praise the Lord for all who were here interceding for that retreat. What a ministry Intercession is!


Beginning at 8am this Saturday till 8am Sunday we will be interceding in the old auditorium. If you were not able to be here lat Wednesday night when we signed up for specific hours, you can still come anytime to pray during this 24 hour prayer chain. THIS IS A CALL TO PRAY AND SEEK THE LORD’S FACE. Satan is mounting a counter attack in an attempt to recapture lost ground. Praise the Lord, we have atomic weapons and he’s using a water pistol!

Our weapons are THE BLOOD OF JESUS (Rev. 12:11), THE WORD OF GOD AND PRAYER (Eph. 6:17,18)

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