Thank You Lord, For Revival

Taken from Pastor’s column of MBBC church paper March 5, 1971


At 11:00 PM Sunday night we closed the 3 hour invitation that brought to a conclusion eight days of unprecedented services in our church. Notice, the services were concluded, not the REVIVAL. Brethren, God has given us the glorious but rare privilege of seeing a mighty outpouring of His Spirit. Never have we seen it on this wise. Every service was spectacular. Every invitation lasted for at least an hour–we couldn’t close it for the people wouldn’t stop obeying the Holy Spirit. At the unscheduled Saturday morning service (which was our largest morning attendance) we gave two invitations, one before and one after the message.

Hearts were broken, sins were confessed, the lost were saved (even some “church members”), but most of all JESUS WAS LORD AND GOD WAS GLORIFIED.

MI3BC will never be the same–I don’t want to be the same. Ten months ago when God gave us a mighty visitation of the Spirit I remarked that “this is only the beginning.” I feel the same today as I write.

Before the revival we said we were claiming God’s promise in John 14:14 “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” WE ASKED, AND JESUS DID IT.

2002 Ron Dunn. Used by permission of LifeStyle Ministries. This article is copyrighted and is for your individual use. Reproduction for any other purpose is governed by copyright laws and is strictly prohibited. This material originally appeared in the MacArthur Blvd. Baptist Church newsletter.


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