Merry After Christmas

It’s been said that December 26th is the BLAHEST day of the year. Everyone experiences let down after the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. The tree drooping in the corner has somehow lost it’s magic glow, here and there a dead branch falls off.  Late-arriving Christmas cards received little attention; 85% of the expensive toys you bought because the kids saw them advertised on TV are broken and litter the house like dead soldiers on a battlefield. The house is a mess. You flop on the couch and groan, “Thank goodness, that’s over for another year.”


After the original one, there were no AFTER-CHRISTMAS BLAHS. Listen to what Luke says about the shepherds who went to the stable that memorable night to see Jesus: “AND THE SHEPHERDS RETURNED (that’s after Christmas), GLORIFYING AND PRAISING GOD FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT THEY HAD HEARD AND SEEN, AS IT WAS TOLD UNTO THEM”

Here is the proper sequel to Christmas: glorifying and praising God for all He’s done for us. If our heart has become another Bethlehem and Christ has been born there and dwells within, we’ll have a great AFTER-CHRISTMAS.

What to do after Christmas? Begin the new year by glorifying and praising God through witnessing, praying, devotion to His church and allowing Christ to Live His Life through you.

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