Mass Funeral And Wedding At MBBC

Taken from the Pastor’s Corner of MBBC church paper June 25, 1971


I’ve never been in a service such as the one last Sunday night. For the past year God has been doing the “amazing” in our church–last night He did the “AWESOME.” All day we felt God was up to something; during the afternoon, families all over Irving knelt together to pray for the evening service. The people came in great anticipation and God didn’t disappoint us!

I’ve never witnessed a more beautiful sight than that of couples and families kneeling together at the altar for a “Divine Wedding.” That’s the only way I know to describe it. One husband said to me, “I wish someone had told me this 15 years ago.” Another said, “You’ve touched on the problem of 90% of our homes.” Another father testified, “God gave me back my family.”

If I live to be a hundred I’ll never forget the sight of ridiculously happy families, weeping and laughing and loving, as they left the church after the hour and a half invitation.

‘YOUR LOOKING AT A DEAD PERSON’ was the public testimony of one of many who came to deal with his sins and die to self.  The whole building was saturated with VICTORY.

Since REVIVAL came to our church over a year ago, God has demonstrated again and again His mighty power–but last Sunday night–well, the only word to describe it is, AWESOME. We trembled and rejoiced in the unveiled presence of God.


An hour after we dismissed the service, more couples came to meet the pastor at the church to “get things settled with the Lord.” One couple who were visitors in the evening service returned at 11:00 PM and were saved!

THANK YOU LORD JESUS, FOR YOUR FULFILLED PROMISE: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst.” Praise God!

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