Rom 02:01-06, 16 | Heading for Judgment

Romans 2:1-6,16

Intro: There is a man running down the road and a bear is chasing him. He jumps into a well to escape, sees a rattlesnake coiled at the bottom, ready to strike, frantically grabs hold of a branch, hangs there, notices two mice chewing on the branch, a white mouse and a black mouse; notices two drops of honey on a leaf, licks off the two drops of honey.

Interpretation: The bear is our past from which we all seek to escape; snake is the judgment of God; well is reality; branch is number of days we have yet to live; white mouse is day, black mouse is night; two drops of honey is all the things of this world. ANYONE WHO SAYS THAT LIFE IS A COUPLE OF DROPS OF HONEY IS A FOOL.

In this passage Paul reveals three universal principles by which every person will be judged.

1. According to the Truth, vs 2.

2. According to Works, vs 6.

3. According to Gospel, vs 16. The cross is exhibit “A” in the case against us.


©Ron Dunn, LifeStyle Ministries, 2001

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