What Is The First Step In Winning Irving To Christ?

Taken from Church newsletter August 20, 1971


Irving’s on my heart. I have a vision of seeing God break forth in a revival of city-wide proportions. What God has done in our church He wants to do all over Irving. I’m not talking about pushing MBBC; I’m not thinking of reaching new goals of attendance and additions. The burden of my heart is to see Jesus released in mighty power through the lives of believers to such an extent that “all Irving will be filled with this doctrine.”

We Have the Means:

Spirit-filled members of MBBC who move daily into every strata of Irving’s life.

We Have the Method:

Person to person sharing of Jesus. It’s an old routine, old as Acts 20:20.

We Have the Motive:

Our love for Jesus. Surprise! The motive for witnessing isn’t the plight of the lost. When Jesus had breakfast with Peter in John 21 and told him to feed His sheep, He didn’t ask him if he loved sheep. Three times He asked Peter if he loved Jesus. Every time Peter answered “yes”, Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”

What, then, is the first thing we need to do?

Not set up a seminar on techniques, though that’s needed; not have a Soul Winning Commitment

Day and ask everyone to sign cards.


“PRAY YE therefore the Lord of the Harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”

I’m challenging every praying member of MBBC to make Matthew 9:38 their daily prayer.

When you pray privately or in your prayer group; at your family altar; when asking the blessing at your meal–PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that the Lord of the Harvest will raise up Spirit-filled witnesses within our church and thrust them out “gossiping the gospel.” You may be the answer to your own prayer.

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