Characteristics Of Revival

Taken from Church newsletter, May 1, 1970


“I know it’s not cool to talk about what happened last week, but I would be ungrateful if I didn’t praise God for His presence in our services last Sunday. Never have I witnessed such a great outpouring of His Spirit, especially in the evening service. Without a doubt revival has started. Let’s continue to seek God’s face in this matter. Our hearts are hungry for revival and God is anxious to give it.

Some characteristics of revival I observed in Denver, in the accounts of the Asbury Wakening and recently, in our own church are:

(1) Unconsciousness of Time. God doesn’t work according to a clock. We mustn’t quench the Spirit and limit God simply because it’s the customary time to dismiss.

(2) Abundance of Testimonies. People who ordinarily say very little publicly are driven to declare what God has done and is doing for them.

(3) Overwhelming Conviction of Sin. Every great revival of history has borne this earmark. This is something only the Spirit of God can bring about.

I believe in our church we’re on the threshold of a great awakening. Let’s covet together to pray to this end.

The most important statistic of last Sunday is GOD WAS PRESENT. We praise Him for it.


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