Faith Crisis


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Any day now, Ron Dunn tells us, someone is going to sue God for breach of promise–after all, there are plenty of Christians who assure us that if we just have enough faith, we’ll have everything we need, and everyone we love will be healthy. And when we experience difficulties, these same folks are quick to tell us it was our lack of faith that caused them.

It’s enough to give faith a bad name.

Many well-meaning Christians misunderstand the role that faith plays in our relationship with God. And because we don’t understand the ways of God, we open ourselves up to the loss of faith if he doesn’t deliver what we want, when we want it.

But God always rewards real faith; the Bible promises this. So what, then, is true faith? And how do we tell the difference between truth and a counterfeit faith that is nothing more than false advertising?

Inside, Ron Dunn walks you through a study of the nature of faith, using Scripture and real-life examples to show what the genuine article looks like, so there’s no mistaking it. You’ll learn that it’s not about quantity but quality, and that the reward of faith is not in blessings, but in experiencing the very presence of God.


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